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What Are The Causes Of Pneumatic Ball Valve Leakage?

Ningbo Fenfa Valve Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 09, 2017

What are the causes of pneumatic ball valve leakage?

Pneumatic ball valve in the course of the use of leakage is a common problem, then the pneumatic ball valve leakage in the end what is caused by it, summarized as follows:

① the right valve body and left valve body leakage. Trim the sealing surface, remove the dirt, replace the gasket, evenly, insert and tighten the nut.

② filler leakage. Tighten the gland bolts or replace the packing (1 filler, 2 in the filler, 1 under the filler). Be careful not to trim the device while tightening the gland bolts evenly.

③ stem is not sensitive. Loose loose gland bolts, evenly loose loose cloth convergence nut or thickened gasket to reduce preload, pay attention not to leak.

④ seal leakage. Uniform, intertwined tighten the body of the convergence of the nut, increase the preload, or adjust the seal seat, gasket and clean the sealing groove.

⑤ do not move the ball valve, do not set the wrench on the wrench or other things hard pull, this will damage the stem. Such as the operation to be analyzed, some of the closure of the valve by the thermal expansion of the formation of open difficult, at the moment can be loose gland bolts, to be removed after the stem stress and open, packing is too tight, may be appropriate to relax the filler.

⑥ ball valve can only be fully open or closed, usually not allowed for conditioning and throttling. With the wrench ball valve, wrench and the channel is parallel to the full open, turn 90 ° when the closed.

⑦ seal leakage. Uniform, intertwined tighten the gripping body to connect the nut, increase the preload, or replace the seal seat, the gasket and clean the sealing groove.

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