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Valve Type And The Typical Structure

Ningbo Fenfa Valve Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 14, 2016

Valve type:

From the original wooden structure of the valve, single switch to contemporary metal high-tech products has reached hundreds of types of valve, thousands of specifications. Most common of has gate, as valve, needle type valve, instrument valve, ball valve, put material valve, check back valve, butterfly valve, column plug valve, spin plug valve, safety valve, decompression valve, Regulation valve, high temperature valve, stainless steel valve, cast valve, plastic valve, lining fluoride valve, lining rubber valve, sparse valve, knife type valve, cast iron valve, ductile iron valve, manual valve, electric valve, pneumatic valve, liquid moving valve, titanium valve, water control valve, hard sealed butterfly valve, soft sealed butterfly valve, on clip valve, flange valve, silk mouth valve, card sets valve , Maintenance of high pressure valves, valves, plug valves, Welding valves, soft sealed floodgate valve, special valve for ammonia, oxygen special-purpose valves, instrumentation valves and so on.

Typical class structure:

Lining fluoride structure, parallel type single gate Board, double gate Board, spherical, half spherical, butterfly shaped, Ming rod shaped, dark Rod type, manual type, electric type, pneumatic type, more Rotary shaped, 90 degrees fast open fast shut shaped, fluid full pass diameter shaped, shrink runoff volume type, card sets connection shaped, flange connection shaped, welding shaped, single gate Board shaped, column plug shaped sealed, soft sealed shaped, hard sealed shaped, wear shaped, high sealed shaped, lining ceramic shaped, activities casing connection shaped, silk series received type, card hoop shaped, jacket type, Xia loaded type, side loaded type, a type, two tablets type, three tablets type , One hot, three-section, fixed, floating ball type. Bottom surface of the valve core, change the window to ensure liquidity, margin for throttle. Slotted part of the flow of second line open up light scratches on the sealing surface damaged, you must replace the entire valve. Valve is the important part of the machinery of pressure vessels and piping, no valve device is not running, cannot operate. Valves can be used in indoor or outdoor, different valve according to the situation. Manually closes the valve, generally clockwise, when opening the valve, handwheel counter-clockwise. ETEF fluorine polyethylene has good corrosion resistance, stainless steel valves are a good match, widely application and chemical plants, power plants out of stock areas such as engineering, corrosion resistance and so on. All cryogenic valve at low temperatures below-101, cryogenic treatment must be done, improve the effect of low temperature resistance of the valve.

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