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Ningbo Fenfa Valve Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 14, 2016

Globe valve is a valve body, valve cover and bracket, valve stem, valve, valve seat, seal, seal, valve stem nuts, stuffing box, packing, packing glands, lock nuts, handle, bolts, nuts, and other important parts of a valve. Only one-way valve sealing surface sealing, valve flap into a prototype flat or tapered, the prototype plane truncation sealed, conical flow control function. As valve General we most common of has stainless steel as valve, and carbon steel as valve cast as valve, and plastic as valve, and silk mouth as valve, and thread as valve, and card sets as valve, and welding as valve, and ammonia with as valve, and oxygen as valve, and bearing plug as valve, and power station dedicated as valve, and soft sealed as valve, and hard sealed as valve, and manual as valve, and electric as valve, and pneumatic as valve, and angle type as valve, and y shaped as valve, and forged steel as valve, and big caliber as valve, and lining fluoride as valve, and cast iron as valve, and chrome Mo steel as valve, and Needle type globe valve, ball or on the ceramic seal globe valve, threaded stem globe valves, screw valve stem valve, LPG valve, American standard valves, GB globe valve, DIN globe valve, Japanese standard stop valve, erosion-resistant valves, bellows valves, cryogenic valves, high pressure globe valve, direct-flow valve and so on. Pressure ranges from 0.6MPA-70MPA, ranging in temperature from-196-600. Specifications range from DN5-DN350MM.

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