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Valve's Origin And Development

Ningbo Fenfa Valve Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 14, 2016

From ancient simple water of wood making switch device, such as Canal gate class are is belongs to valve of classified, since ancient times continued to now valve go has thousands of years of history, from simple of wood switch device to now of high quality of steel casting process and fine processing production, valve through has thousands of years of ups and downs. from ancient big Yu water in the has using to switch device, as wood business gate, and slate gate, again to Qing dynasty China Manager has eight-power allied forces Hou, and abroad of trade between also gradually added more. from this when valve, Pipelines, production gradually emerged.

However war Hou, China also is in seclusion of State. industrial also no vigorously development, so in valve industry also no more big of development, also is relies on imports. 80 early, Deng Xiao-ping's implemented has reform, China Earth all place are began has small workshop type of industrial development. as textile cloth, and shoes, and chemical, and food, and buttons, are get has vigorously development, to to do are development to must of scale. more with population of growth, the line a the industry of enterprise also gradually increased, Also drive the valves profession. early 80 's are cast iron valves, and then to the carbon steel valves, stainless steel valves lined valves. with the development of valve industry, economy continues to improve, valve pressure is constantly rising.

From low pressure valves into the high pressure valve, rough to precise casting valves from the outside, from General valve to high-tech valves, valve also kept pace with the world. Although valve there is a gap with foreign countries, but I think in the near future we will step by step to catch up with scientific and technological content.

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