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Valve Is A Self-control System Component

Ningbo Fenfa Valve Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 12, 2017

A brief introduction to the valve

Valve The is a control component in the fluid delivery system with functions such as cut-off, regulation, diversion, prevent backflow, regulator, shunt or overflow relief.

Valves for fluid control systems, ranging from the simplest shut-off valves to a variety of valves used in extremely complex automatic control systems, with a wide variety of specifications and specifications. Valves can be used to control the flow of various types of fluids such as air, water, steam, corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal and radioactive media. Valves are also divided into cast iron valves, cast steel valves, stainless steel valves (201,304,316, etc.), chrome molybdenum steel valves, chrome molybdenum vanadium steel valves, duplex steel valves, plastic valves, non-standard custom valves.

Valve definition

A device used to control the direction, pressure, and flow of a fluid in a fluid system is a means for flowing or stopping the medium (liquid, gas, powder) in the piping and equipment and capable of controlling its flow.

Valve The is the control part of the pipeline fluid conveying system, which is used to change the channel section and the flow direction of the medium, and has the functions of diversion, cut-off, throttling, stop, shunt or overflow relief. Valves for fluid control, from the simplest cut-off valve to the extremely complex automatic control system used in a variety of valves, its variety and specifications, the nominal diameter of the valve from a very small instrument valve to a diameter of 10m Industrial piping valves. Can be used to control water, steam, oil, gas, mud, all kinds of corrosive media, liquid metal and radioactive fluid and other types of fluid flow, the valve working pressure from 0.0013MPa to 1000MPa of ultra high pressure, the working temperature can C-270 ℃ ultra-low temperature to 1430 ℃ high temperature.

Valve control can be used in a variety of transmission methods, such as manual, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, turbine, electromagnetic, electromagnetic hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, gas-liquid, spur gear, bevel gear drive; Or other forms of sensor signals, according to the intended requirements of action, or do not rely on the sensor signal for a simple open or closed, the valve by the drive or automatic mechanism to make the opening and closing parts for lifting, sliding, swing or turn Movement, thereby changing the size of its flow area to achieve its control function.

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