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Valve Basic Parts In Piping Systems

Ningbo Fenfa Valve Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 13, 2017

Valves are mechanical devices that control flow, flow, pressure, and temperature of fluid medium, and valves are basic components in piping systems. Valve fittings are technically similar to pumps and are often discussed as a separate category. Valves can be operated manually or by Handwheel, handle or pedal, or by control to change the pressure, temperature, and flow of fluid medium. Valves can perform continuous or repetitive operations on these changes, such as safety valves installed in hot water systems or steam boilers. Automatic valves are used in more complex control systems based on external inputs (i.e., adjusting the settings that flow through the pipeline). The automatic control valve does not need manual operation according to its input and the setting, causes the valve precisely controls the fluid medium the request. Valve According to the material is also divided into cast iron valves, cast steel valves, stainless steel valves, chromium molybdenum steel valves, chromium molybdenum vanadium steel valves, dual-phase steel valves, plastic valves, non-standard custom-made valve materials.

Valve is a pipe attachment. It is used to change the flow direction of the channel section and Medium, and to control the flowing of the conveying medium. Specifically, the valve has several uses:

(1) connecting or truncating the media in the pipeline. such as gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, plug valves, diaphragm valves, butterfly valves and so on.

(2) Adjust and control the flow and pressure of the medium in the pipeline. such as throttle valve, regulating valve, relief valve, safety valve and so on.

(3) Change the direction of medium flow in the pipeline. such as distribution valve, three-tee plug, tee or four-pass ball valve.

(4) Prevent the backflow of the medium in the pipeline. such as a variety of different structure of check valve, bottom valve and so on.

(5) Separating medium. such as a variety of different structures of steam traps, air traps and so on.

(6) indicating and adjusting the liquid level. such as liquid level indicator, liquid surface regulator, etc.

(7) Other special purpose. such as temperature control valve, over-current protection emergency Shut-off valve.

In the various general-purpose valves mentioned above, the valve used for connecting and truncating the flow of media in the pipeline is about 80% of the total number of valves.

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