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The Ball Valve Is Nearly Ten Years The Fastest Growing One Of The Valve Varieties

Ningbo Fenfa Valve Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

Ball valve is not only simple structure, good sealing performance, but also in a certain range of nominal diameter smaller, light weight, less material consumption, installation size is small, and the driving torque is small, easy to operate, easy to achieve fast opening and closing, the ball valve is Nearly ten years the fastest growing one of the valve varieties.

First, the main lines of oil and gas transportation, need to clean the pipeline, but also need to be buried in the ground, the choice of full diameter, all welded structure of the ball valve; buried in the ground, select the full diameter welded or flange connection ball valve ; Branch pipe, use flange connection, welding connection, full diameter or reduced diameter ball valve.

Second, the oil pipeline and storage equipment, the choice of flange connected ball valve.

Third, the city gas and natural gas pipeline, the choice of flange connection and internal thread connection of the floating ball valve.

Fourth, the metallurgical system in the oxygen pipeline system, should be selected after a strict off

5, low-temperature medium piping systems and devices, should use the valve with the low-temperature valve.

Six, the refining unit of the catalytic cracking unit piping system, the choice of lift rod ball valve.

Seven, the chemical system of acid and other corrosive media devices and piping systems, should use austenitic stainless steel, PTFE valve seat for the whole stainless steel ball valve.

Eight, metallurgical systems, power systems, petrochemical plants, urban heating systems in the high-temperature medium of the pipeline system or device, the choice of metal-to-metal sealed ball valve.

Nine, the need for flow adjustment, the choice of worm gear drive, pneumatic or electric with V-shaped opening of the adjustment ball valve.

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