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Structure Principle Of Gate Valve

Ningbo Fenfa Valve Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 14, 2016

Gate valve is a valve body, bonnet, bracket, disc dry, seal, valve, valve seat and disc seal, valve stem nut, packing, packing boxes, packing glands, lock nuts, road, gaskets, bolts, nuts, wheel, and other important parts. Gate plate for elastic solid gate and double disc, the flow is bi-directional flow, linear flow structure. Rising stem gate valve non rising stem gate valve structure, is the difference stem bracket parts open not open, there is the Inside screw nonrising stem type gate valve is not easy to do high pressure, high pressure valves valve products. Flanged gate valve flange structure, threads are threads (silk) connection valve. Flat gate valve gate structure for flat-plate gate valve, rising stem gate valves and the Inside screw nonrising stem type gate valve for elastic wedge disc gate structure. Fluorine lined gate valve valve body lining fluoroplastic materials, RAM fluoroplastic F46 package. Knife gate valve structure compared with other valve structures, knife-shaped gate valve for knife gate valves and structure short lengths, the gate can be like a knife cut the pulp and paper mill is a special gate. Ceramic valve gate is lined with ceramic structure, and is commonly used in a power station gate valve with wear-resisting performance. Welded gate valve are connected by welding structure of gate valves, welding and weld and socket weld two kinds. Electric valve relies on power led the open tube of the valve, manual gate valve is relying on hand to direct the action. Gear valve relies on hand-actuated indirectly through the gears to drive the valve to open and close, gear-bevel and spur gears. Pneumatic valve gate is relying on gas operated and regulated.

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