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Pressure Reducing Valve Working Principle And Installation Matters

Ningbo Fenfa Valve Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 15, 2017

Do you know the working principle and installation of the relief valve?

Pressure reducing valve The is suitable for water, steam and air medium piping. By adjusting the inlet pressure to a certain outlet pressure, when the inlet pressure and flow rate change, the energy of the medium itself automatically keeps the outlet pressure within a certain range , But the difference between inlet pressure and outlet pressure must be ≥ 0.2MPA / CM.

The relief valve works by reducing the inlet pressure by reducing the inlet pressure to a desired outlet pressure and keeping the outlet pressure stable. When the pressure reducing valve is shipped from the factory, the adjustment spring is in the uncompressed state. At this time, the main valve flap and the valve are closed. When the pressure valve is used, turn the adjusting screw clockwise, compress the adjustment spring, By a hole through the valve seat to the b hole into the piston above the piston under the action of the medium pressure, move down to push the main valve to leave the main valve seat, the media flow to the valve. At the same time from the c hole into the bottom of the diaphragm, when the valve after the pressure exceeds the set pressure, push the diaphragm to adjust the compression spring, pay the valve to move in the direction of closure, so that the media into the piston above the pressure decreases The main valve flap in the main valve flap spring force to move up and down, so that the main valve flap and the main valve seat clearance decreases, the medium flow also decreases, so that the valve pressure also will be reduced to New balance, and vice versa when the post-valve pressure is lower than the set pressure, the main valve flap and the main valve seat gap increases, the media flow also increases, so that the valve after the pressure also increased to a new balance.

Pressure reducing valve The relief valve is operated by the post-valve pressure. When the pressure sensor detects the valve pressure indicator increases, the valve release valve pressure decreases; when the pressure relief valve is reduced, the valve opening degree increases to meet the control requirements. Pressure relief valve - The valve's pressure reduction ratio must be higher than the system value to some extent; it should be able to respond positively or reactively to the control signal even at maximum or minimum flow rates. These valves should be selected for a useful control range, ie 20% to 80% of the maximum flow rate. Normal is isometric or has isometric. These types of valves themselves have the best flow characteristics and flow range required for proportional control.

Pressure reducing valve valve Y43H-16, with 0.05 ~ 0.4MPa, Y43H-25, with 1 ~ 1.6MPa, Y43H-40, with 1 ~ 1.6MPa, 1.6 ~ 2.5MPa adjustment spring, Y43H-64, with 1 ~ 3MPa adjustment spring, the factory is equipped with 0.1 ~ 1MPa valve, spring, the rest with the valve, the user can be based on the amount of the export pressure value optional. Pressure reducing valve usually DN50 ~ DN100 and other specifications, the valve before and after the working pressure were <1MPa and 0.1 ~ 0.5MPa, voltage range error of ± 5% to 10%.

Pressure reducing valve The must be flushed to clean the piping system before installation. To prevent slag, scale and other stolen goods into the valve, affecting the normal work of the valve. The relief valve should be installed in a place where it is easy to operate and repaired and must be installed upright on a horizontal pipe. It should be noted that the flow of the medium in the pipe is the same as that indicated by the arrow on the valve body.

Pressure relief valve should be installed before the filter to prevent the debris into the medium into the valve, affecting its performance. Install the pressure relief valve should be a straight tube before and after the valve straight pipe length of about 600 mm, the valve after the length of about 1000 mm straight tube.

Pressure relief valve in the installation of the use of the bypass valve should be opened to remove the pipeline in the condensate and soft drinks in the mixture to prevent the release of the valve when the water damage caused by damage to the valve, when no abnormal phenomenon , Adjust the screw in the clockwise direction and adjust the outlet pressure to the required pressure (subject to the gauge after the valve). After adjustment, tighten the lock nut tightly and tighten the protective cover.

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