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Precautions Against Explosion Protection Of Oxygen Valve

Ningbo Fenfa Valve Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

Precautions against Explosion Protection of Oxygen Valve

1. Design the relevant laws and regulations

Design should be in line with the Ministry of Metallurgy issued in 1981, "iron and steel enterprises oxygen pipe network of a number of provisions", and "oxygen and related gas safety technical regulations" (GB16912-1997), "oxygen station design specifications" (GB50030-91) and other regulatory standards The request. In the case of

(1) The maximum flow rate of oxygen in the carbon steel pipe shall be in accordance with Table 4. In the case of

(2) in order to prevent the fire, after the oxygen valve, should be connected to a length of not less than 5 times the diameter, and not less than 1.5m of copper-based alloy or stainless steel pipe. In the case of

(3) oxygen pipeline should be as little as possible elbow and bifurcated head, the working pressure is higher than 0.1MPa oxygen pipe elbow, should be taken into a valve flange production. The direction of the flow of the sub-head should be 45 ° to 60 ° with the direction of the main air flow. In the case of

(4) in the butt welding flange, the use of copper wire for the O-ring, oxygen flanged flame resistant and reliable seal form. In the case of

(5) oxygen pipeline should be a good conductive device, grounding resistance should be less than 10Ω, flange resistance should be less than 0.03Ω. In the case of

(6) the end of the main oxygen pipeline should be added to the end of the tube to facilitate the oxygen pipeline purge and replacement, in the longer oxygen pipeline into the workshop before the regulator valve should be set.

2. Installation precautions

(1) where the contact with the oxygen should be strictly degreased, degreased with non-oil dry air or nitrogen blowing. In the case of

(2) welding should be used argon arc welding or arc welding.

3. Operation Precautions

(1) switch oxygen valve should be slow, the operator should stand on the side of the valve, open to once in place. In the case of

(2) is strictly prohibited with oxygen blowing pipe or oxygen leak test, test pressure. In the case of

(3) the implementation of the operating system, prior to the purpose of operation, methods, conditions to make a more detailed description and provisions. In the case of

(4) diameter of more than 70mm manual oxygen valve, when the valve before and after the pressure difference is reduced to 0.3MPa within the allowable operation.

4. Maintenance precautions

(1) oxygen pipeline to always check the maintenance, rust paint, every 3 to 5 years. In the case of

(2) piping on the safety valve, pressure gauge, to be regularly checked, 1 year 1 time. In the case of

(3) improve the grounding device. In the case of

(4) before the fire operation, should be replaced, purge, blowing gas oxygen content of 18% to 23% when qualified. In the case of

(5) valves, flanges, gaskets and pipe, pipe fittings should be selected to meet the "oxygen and related gas safety technical regulations" (GB16912-1997) the relevant provisions. In the case of

(6) the establishment of technical files, training operations, maintenance, maintenance personnel.

5. Other security measures

(1) to improve the construction, maintenance and operation of the safety of the degree of attention. In the case of

(2) to improve the vigilance of managers. In the case of

(3) to improve the level of science and technology. In the case of

(4) continue to improve the oxygen solution.

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