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Pneumatic Butterfly Valve Is A Widely Used Valve In The Valve

Ningbo Fenfa Valve Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 09, 2017

Pneumatic butterfly valve is a widely used valve in the valve, the use of large, in many pneumatic pipeline is very common, so reasonable maintenance, not only can improve work efficiency, but also can reduce maintenance time, saving replacement costs. Want to make pneumatic butterfly valve performance is stable, long life, it is recommended to note the following factors.

First, before use, apply water to clean the pipe and the valve overcurrent part, to prevent residual iron and other debris into the valve body cavity.

Second, the butterfly valve in the closed state, the valve body is still part of the remaining medium, but also bear a certain pressure. Before shutting down the butterfly valve, first turn off the butterfly valve before the shut-off valve, open the need to repair the butterfly valve, fully release the valve body internal pressure. If it is electric butterfly valve or pneumatic butterfly valve, you should first disconnect the power and air supply.

Third, the general soft seal butterfly valve are used PTFE or rubber as a sealing material, hard seal butterfly valve sealing surface made of metal surfacing. For cleaning the butterfly valve, be careful to prevent damage to the seal when disassembling.

Fourth, the flange butterfly valve disassembly, the flange bolts and nuts should be fixed, and then all the nuts slightly tight, and finally fixed hard. Such as the first fixed forcing the individual nuts, and then fixed the other nuts, flange between the uneven surface will be caused by damage or broken surface, resulting in the valve flange out of the media leak.

5, pneumatic butterfly valve to remind If the valve for cleaning, the use of solvents and cleaning parts must be no conflict, no corrosion. If it is a gas-specific ball valve, butterfly valve, you can use gasoline for cleaning. Other parts are usually washed with water can be. Cleaning, to thoroughly clean the residual dust, oil and other attachments, such as with water can not be cleaned, can not damage the body and parts under the premise of targeted cleaning with alcohol and other cleaning agents. After the cleaning is complete, the cleaning agent is thoroughly volatilized and assembled.

6, if the use of the process found in the filler at the slight leak, you can slightly tighten the stem nut, tight to stop the leak can not, can not continue to tighten.

7, long-term open storage, will lead to corrosion of the valve body and parts, can not be used normally. Ball valve should be stored when the rain, water, moisture, and cover the flange cover. Stored for more than 12 months of the valve, should be re-tested to ensure stable performance.

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