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Oxygen Valve How To Use

Ningbo Fenfa Valve Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 13, 2017

Oxygen valves in physical and chemical experiments, often use oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon gas and so on. These gases are generally stored in dedicated high-pressure gas cylinders. So that the use of pressure relief valve to reduce the gas to the scope of the experiment, and then through other control valve fine adjustment, so that the gas input system. The most commonly used oxygen valve for oxygen pressure relief valve, referred to as oxygen table.

The high-pressure chamber of the oxygen valve is connected with the cylinder, the low-pressure chamber is the gas outlet, and leads to the use system. The indication of the high pressure gauge is the pressure of the gas stored in the cylinder. The outlet pressure of the low pressure gauge can be controlled by adjusting the screw rod.

When used, open the total switch first, then rotate the pressure adjusting screw of the low-pressure gauge clockwise to compress the main spring and drive the film, spring cushion and top lever and open the valve. This imported high-pressure gas from the high-pressure chamber after throttling decompression into the low-pressure chamber, and through the export to the working system. Then rotate the adjusting screw, change the height of the valve opening, so as to adjust the passage of high-pressure gas and achieve the desired pressure value.

Oxygen valves are fitted with safety valves. It is to protect the safety valve and make it safe to use the device, but also the failure of the pressure relief valve signal device. If the valve pads, valve damage or for other reasons, resulting in export pressure to rise and exceed a certain allowable value, the relief valves will automatically open the exhaust. These valves should be installed horizontally in piping.

How to use oxygen valves

(1) According to the use of different requirements, oxygen pressure reducing valve has many specifications. Most of the maximum import pressure is that the minimum inlet pressure is not less than 2.5 times times the export pressure. Export pressure specifications are more, generally, the highest export pressure.

(2) When installing the pressure reducing valve, determine whether its connection specification is consistent with the cylinder and the use system's joint. The pressure relief valve and the cylinder are connected by a hemispherical surface, and the tightening nut makes the two perfectly fit. Therefore, in the use of two of the hemisphere should be kept clean, to ensure good air tightness effect. The dust can be blown by high-pressure gas before installation. Use PTFE and other materials as washers if necessary.

(3) Oxygen valve should be strictly prohibited from contact with grease, in order to avoid fire accidents.

(4) When the work is stopped, the pressure relief valve should be put in the net, then loosen the adjusting screw to prevent the elastic element from being deformed for a long time.

(5) Oxygen valve should avoid impact vibration, not contact with corrosive substances.

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