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Method For Judging The Leakage Of Ball Valve

Ningbo Fenfa Valve Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 22, 2017

  Method for judging the leakage of ball valve

  Natural gas pipeline commonly used is a fixed shaft ball valve, the general inspection method is: the valve to fully open or fully closed, through the discharge of the valve body to check whether the leak. If you can row clean, it proves that the seal is good. If there is always pressure discharge, you can think that the valve leaked,ball valve then the valve should be the appropriate treatment. But specifically stressed that for the GRoVEB-5 and B-7A ball valve, PBV ball valve, ROBERTCORT ball valve can only be checked in the whole, because this ball valve in the valve body to open a channel, when fully open, To balance the pressure of the pipeline and the valve chamber. But when the whole off, it will not happen this situation.

  Ball valve leakage process

  ① first check the valve limit to see if the limit can be adjusted by the valve to solve the internal leakage.

  ② the first injection of a certain amount of grease to see if it can stop leakage, then the injection rate must be slow, while observing the injection of the pressure gauge pointer pressure changes to determine the valve inside the leakage situation.

  ③ If you can not stop, there may be early injection of the sealant hardened or sealed surface damage caused by internal leakage. It is recommended that this time into the valve cleaning fluid, the valve sealing surface and the valve seat to clean. Usually soak for half an hour, if necessary, can be soaked for a few hours or even days, until all the dissolved solid solution to do the next step. In this process it is best to switch the valve several times.

  ④ re-injection of grease, intermittent open and close the valve, the impurities will be discharged from the rear seat and sealing surface.

  ⑤ in the whole off to check,ball valve if there is still leakage, should be injected to strengthen the level of sealing grease, while opening the valve cavity to vent, this can produce a large pressure difference, help to seal, under normal circumstances, by injecting enhanced sealant Internal leakage can be eliminated.

  ⑥ If there are still internal leakage, it is necessary to repair or replace the valve.

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