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Features Of Stainless Steel Ball Valve And Optional Actuator

Ningbo Fenfa Valve Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 19, 2017

  Features of stainless steel ball valve and optional actuator

  Stainless steel valves are now there are many categories of the market, there are electric, pneumatic, and dynamic, we mainly introduce electric stainless steel ball valve, used to cut off or connect the medium in the pipeline can also be used for fluid regulation and control. Electric stainless steel ball valve Compared with other valves, it has the following advantages.

  1, the fluid resistance is small, the ball valve is the valve in all the fluid resistance of a minimum, even the reduced diameter ball valve, the fluid resistance is also quite small;

  2, thrust bearings to reduce the stem friction torque, the stem can be long-term operation smooth and flexible;

  3, the valve seat sealing performance is good, the use of PTFE and other elastic materials made of seals, the structure is easy to seal, and the ball valve valve sealing capacity increases with the media pressure increases;

  4, stem seal is reliable, because the stem only as imitation and movement without lifting movements, stem packing seal is not easy to damage, and the sealing capacity increases with the pressure of the media increased;

  5, due to PTFE and other materials with good self-lubricating, and the ball friction loss is small, so the long life of the ball valve;

  6, the lower stem and stem stem to prevent the stem stem to spray, such as fire caused by stem seal damage, convex and the valve body can also form a metal contact to ensure that the stem seal;

  7, anti-static function: in the sphere, stem, between the valve body set the spring, the switch can produce static electricity derived.

  Electric spring ball valve actuator with a new series of GT-type pneumatic actuators, double acting and single acting (spring reset), rack and pinion drive, safe and reliable; large diameter valve with a series of AW-type pneumatic actuator pull fork drive, Reasonable structure, large output torque, double acting and single acting.

  1, gear-type double piston, the output torque, small size.

  2, the choice of aluminum alloy cylinder material, light weight, beautiful appearance.

  3, can be installed at the top, the bottom of the manual operating mechanism.

  4, rack-type connection can adjust the opening angle, rated flow.

  5, the actuator optional signal feedback instructions and various accessories to achieve automatic operation.

  6, IS05211 standard connection for the installation and replacement of the product provides a convenient.

  7, the two ends of the adjustable section of the screw can make the standard products in 0 ° and 90 ° with ± 4 ° adjustable range. To ensure synchronization accuracy with the valve.

  Electric stainless steel ball valve actuator accessories option

  The following accessories can be selected according to different controls and requirements:

  Cut off accessories: single solenoid valve, double solenoid valve, limit switch switch.

  Adjustable accessories: electrical positioner, pneumatic positioner, electrical converter.

  Air handling accessories: air filter pressure relief valve, air handling three pieces.

  Manual mechanism: HVSD manual

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