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Cylinder Valve Metal Parts

Ningbo Fenfa Valve Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 12, 2017

A brief introduction to the cylinder valve

Cylinder valve Introduction of:

Guide the piston in the cylinder for linear reciprocating cylindrical metal parts. The air is converted into mechanical energy by expansion in the engine cylinder. The gas is compressed in the compressor cylinder to increase the pressure. Cylinder valve Turbines, rotary piston engines, etc. are also commonly referred to as "cylinders". Cylinder applications: printing (tension control), semiconductor (spot welding, chip grinding), automation control, robots and so on.

Cylinder valve species:

① Cylinder valve single role: only one end of the piston rod, from the side of the piston gas supply gas can produce air pressure, air pressure to promote the piston thrust thrust, by spring or weight return.

② Cylinder valve double role: alternating from both sides of the piston gas supply, output force in one or two directions.

③ Cylinder valve diaphragm type: with the diaphragm instead of the piston, only in one direction output force, with a spring reset. It has a good sealing performance, but the trip is short.

④ Cylinder valve Impact: This is a new type of component. It converts the pressure of the compressed gas into the kinetic energy of the high speed (10 to 20 m / s) of the piston.

⑤ Cylinder valve rodless: no piston rod cylinder of the general term. There are two major categories of magnetic cylinders and cable cylinders. Reciprocating swing cylinder that swing the cylinder, the blade will be separated into two lumens, alternating to the two-chamber gas supply, the output shaft to do swing movement, swing angle is less than 280 °. In addition, there are rotary cylinders, gas-liquid dampers and stepping cylinders.

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