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Characteristic And Application Of Stop Valve

Ningbo Fenfa Valve Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 14, 2016

Valve media flows are one-way, from left to right, flows from the bottom to the top sports. A single disc seal, valve seal will be reduced, and the actual flow will be slightly smaller. Globe valve switch for rotary switch, wheel impact and ordinary switch, percussive use in large or high pressure cut-off valve design, ordinary low pressure valve is used together with the wheel up and down. Usually for small-diameter valve common external thread, screw, Ferrule, welded connection, diameter between DN5-DN25, mainly for use on the fine points of the piping, such as needle type globe valve. Slightly bigger flange, weld is also common. High temperature and high pressure pipes must be used in power plants resistant to high temperature and high pressure cut-off valve or station dedicated globe valve. Ammonia gas or liquefied petroleum gas piping should select special valves for liquefied petroleum gas. If corrosion is required, clean performance requirements, should choose a stainless steel stop valve. If there is corrosion, temperature and pressure is not high can also choose lined globe valves or plastic globe valve and so on.

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