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Ball Valve Leakage Reasons

Ningbo Fenfa Valve Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 22, 2017

  Ball valve leakage reasons

  1. Construction period caused by leakage of the reasons for the valve:

  ① improper transport and hoisting caused by the overall damage to the valve caused by leakage within the valve;

  ② the factory, after the completion of the water pressure on the valve without drying and anti-corrosion treatment, resulting in sealing surface corrosion to form an internal leakage;

  ③ construction site protection is not in place, the valve at both ends without the installation of blind plate, rain, sand and other impurities into the valve seat, causing leakage;

  ④ installation,Ball valve the valve seat is not injected into the grease, causing impurities into the back of the valve seat, or welding caused by internal leakage burn;

  ⑤ The valve is not installed in the fully open position, resulting in damage to the ball. When the valve is not fully open, the splash will cause damage to the ball. When the ball with welding spatter will cause damage to the valve seat , Resulting in internal leakage;

  ⑥ slag and other construction residues caused by sealing surface scratches;

  ⑦ the factory or the installation of the limit is not accurate caused by leakage, if the stem drive sleeve or other accessories with the assembly angle is dislocation, the valve will leak.

  2. Operation caused by leakage of the reasons for the valve:

  ① the most common reason is that the operator to take into account the more expensive maintenance costs on the valve is not maintained,Ball valve or the lack of scientific management and maintenance of the valve does not carry out preventive maintenance of the valve, resulting in equipment failure in advance;

  ② improper operation or not in accordance with the maintenance procedures for maintenance caused by internal leakage;

  ③ in the normal operation, the construction of remnants to seal the sealing surface, resulting in internal leakage;

  ④ caused by improper handling of sealing surface damage caused by leakage;

  ⑤ long-term maintenance or inactive valve,Ball valve resulting in seat and ball lock, in the switch valve caused by sealing damage to form an internal leakage;

  ⑥ valve switch is not in place caused by internal leakage, any ball valve regardless of the opening and closing, the general tilt 2 ° ~ 3 ° may cause leakage;

  ⑦ Many large diameter ball valves are mostly stem stop blocks, if used for a long time, due to corrosion and other reasons in the stem and stem stop block will be stacked between the rust, dust, paint and other debris, these debris will cause the valve Can not be rotated in place to cause leakage - if the valve is buried, the extension of the stem will produce and fall more rust and impurities to prevent the ball ball in place, causing valve leakage;

  ⑧ general executive body also has a limit,Ball valve if the long-term cause of corrosion, grease hardening or loose bolts will make the limit is not accurate, resulting in internal leakage;

  ⑨ electric actuator valve position set front, there is no place in place caused by leakage;

  ⑩ lack of periodic maintenance and maintenance, resulting in sealing grease dry, hardened, dry sealing grease accumulation in the elastic seat, the valve seat movement, resulting in sealing failure.

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