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Ball Valve Features And Benefits

Ningbo Fenfa Valve Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 12, 2017

Ball valve Fixed ball valve features and advantages you know?

Ball valve Features

1, double blocking and discharge function: fixed ball valve with spring preload floating seat, regardless of the valve is fully open or fully closed when the upper and lower side of the valve seat to block the fluid, the valve body cavity retentate through the discharge valve discharge The

2, automatic pressure relief function: the valve body cavity to stay in the medium temperature rise caused by abnormal boost, no need to pass the safety valve, but only by the valve seat function can automatically pressure relief, which ensure the valve in the delivery of liquid media safety Sex is very important.

3, fire safety structure: the valve has a fire safety function, its design, manufacture are to comply with API607 and API6FA specification requirements. Fixed ball valve fixed ball valve structure fixed ball valve picture

Ball valve advantage

1, sealed emergency grease Ambulance: due to the media in the foreign body or fire caused by the valve seat seal accidental failure, the grease valve provides a quick connection with the grease gun, convenient and quick injection of sealing grease into the valve seat sealing parts, The

2, reliable stem seal and low operating torque: In addition to the standard seal ring, the packing gland is also set on the "O" type seal, double seal to ensure the reliability of the stem seal; additional graphite filler and Seal the grease to minimize the leakage of the stem after the fire. Stem slide bearings and thrust bearings make the valve easy to operate.

3, full diameter or reduced diameter: according to the need to use full diameter or reduced diameter structure. Full diameter valve flow aperture and pipe diameter consistent, easy to clean the pipeline.

4, the stem can be lengthened: According to the installation or operation needs, the valve stem can be lengthened. Extension rod ball valve, especially for urban gas and other places need to lay the pipeline buried. The length of the stem is determined by the customer's needs.

5, flexible operation: the use of a small coefficient of friction and good self-lubricating valve seat and stem bearings, greatly reducing the operating torque of the valve. So that even in the absence of sealing grease to provide the case, but also long-term flexibility to operate the valve.

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