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Analysis Of Global Valve Market Situation

Ningbo Fenfa Valve Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2017

  Analysis of Global Valve Market Situation

  First, the characteristics of domestic and foreign valve market

  From the entire valve market, there are two main:

  1, the domestic market, the domestic market is divided into new, expansion project market, the old device maintenance, transformation project market.

  From these two markets, the general valve products seriously oversupply, and secondly, between enterprises actually racing, disorderly competition, fake and shoddy, the market is not standardized, leading to some of the valve production enterprises in the tragic competition, Year after year a substantial loss. From the demand of these two markets, with the development and improvement of the market economy, especially the progress of the World Trade Organization (WTO), its market changes more and more, enterprises are increasingly affected by the market, the user on the market The demand for products is getting higher and higher, the demand for product development and production cycle is getting shorter and shorter.

  2, foreign markets. Foreign markets in recent years is very active, very competitive. East Asia and Southeast Asia, the rapid growth of imports and exports of valves, the North American EC and other developed countries, the continuous development of market trade between Germany, Italy, Japan, China and other countries and regions to expand exports, the United States, Britain, France and other countries imported high-speed Growth, the formation of the international valve market prosperity of the support point, Moreover, due to the further internationalization of the world economy, multinational companies will continue to promote the development of international valve market, international trade regionalization is another major feature.

  Second, the domestic market

  China's valve production business of about more than 2,300, can provide a variety of valve products, more than 3,500 varieties, more than 40,000 specifications.

  (1) urban construction valves: urban construction systems generally use low-pressure valves, is now environmentally friendly and energy-saving direction. Environmentally friendly rubber plate valve, balance valve and midline butterfly valve, metal seal butterfly valve is gradually replacing the low pressure iron gate valve. Domestic cities need to use more valves for the balance valve, soft seal gate valve, butterfly valve.

  (2) urban heating valve: the city on behalf of the heat system, the need for a large number of metal sealed butterfly valve, horizontal balance valve and buried ball valve, because this type of valve to solve the vertical and horizontal hydraulic problems, to achieve energy saving, heat balance the goal of.

  (3) environmental protection valve: the domestic environmental protection system, the water supply system mainly need midline butterfly valve, soft seal gate valve, ball valve, exhaust valve (used to exclude the air in the pipeline). Sewage treatment system mainly need soft seal gate valve, butterfly valve.

  (4) urban gas valve: city gas accounted for 22% of the entire natural market, the valve is large, its type is also more. Mainly need ball valve, plug valve, pressure reducing valve, safety valve.

  (5) long-distance pipeline with the valve: long-distance pipeline mainly for crude oil, finished and no natural pipeline. This type of pipeline need to use the majority of the valve is forged three-body full diameter ball valve, anti-sulfur flat gate valve, safety valve, check valve.

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