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The Basic Industry Corresponding To The Valve Products

Ningbo Fenfa Valve Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 09, 2017

  The basic industry corresponding to the valve products:

  1. Chemical plant media and factory conditions are related to corrosion, so the general choice of the valve for the anti-corrosion valve. Such as: stainless steel valves, slate valves, special steel valves and other materials, the valve is generally: ball valve, gate valve, globe valve, needle valve, butterfly valve, safety valve, regulating valve.

  2. Power plant general sub-power and hydroelectric power generation, most of our country are mainly thermal power generation. The general use of the media are high temperature steam, and working conditions are relatively high pressure, so the general use of the valves are high temperature, high pressure, in the line also have power station dedicated valve business.

  3. Food and pharmaceutical companies is important to eat things, that is, in line with the Ministry of Health standards of the valve, that is, health-level valves, are made of stainless steel, the appearance and the pieces are relatively smooth and beautiful.

  4. Minerals are generally used for the discharge valve and the sewage series of valves, such as unloading ball valve, discharge valve, butterfly valve, check valve, ceramic valve and other wear-resistant valves, mainly due to medium particles.

  5. The construction industry is generally used for drainage systems, plumbing, water control and so on. Generally for the water control valve, copper valves, stainless steel valves, cast iron valves, cast steel valves, etc., according to the type of valve, then the main low pressure for many series of valves.

  6. Marine class valves are marine special valve series.

  7. Irrigation and fire are generally the use of low-pressure valves, fire generally have fire special valves and ordinary valves, irrigation is generally the ordinary gate valve, ball valve, globe valve, the end of the valve class.

  8. Aviation class valves are generally pure titanium valves and special steel valves, as well as aviation oil with the plate gate valve and so on.

  9. Oil and gas are generally the most commonly used for the ball valve, flat gate valve class.

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