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Valve of the shell test

Ningbo Fenfa Valve Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 14, 2016

Shell test valve is the valve body and bonnet and other connections of the valve housing pressure test as a whole. the aim is to test the valve body and the density of the cover and comprises a valve body and bonnet joint throughout the shell, resistant to pressure.

Every valve manufactured prior to shell test should be carried out. in the shell prior to testing, do not allow the paint or other coating to prevent leakage of the valve. allow sealing effect of chemical-free rustproof valve lining and lining. If the user checks the stock valves, you no longer get rid of rabbits.

In the process of testing shall be placed on the valve forces influence test results. test pressure should remain unchanged during the packing and testing. While experimenting with liquid, should reduce gas inside the valve body cavity. after the holding time is reached, shell (including stuffing box and valve body and bonnet joint office) shall not leak or cause structural damage.

Shell test methods and steps are as follows:

1. closed valve inlet and outlet, tighten packing gland, making discs in a partially open position.

2. to the body cavity is filled with test media, and pressure test pressure (non-return valve inlet pressure).

3. packing up after a specified time, check the shell (including stuffing box and valve body and bonnet joint office) whether there is a leak.

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