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The uses and characteristics of oxygen valve

Ningbo Fenfa Valve Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 14, 2016

Oxygen valve applications:

Oxygen valve is a valve designed for oxygen network special products and equipment including filter. widely used in iron and steel, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical oxygen project of pipe network, the series in addition to normal valve function has its own characteristics.

Oxygen valve characteristics:

Ring valve company produces the oxygen valve generally used for stainless steel and copper material, has good antioxidant properties. valve oxygen special-purpose ball valve of oxygen, oxygen purpose stop valve non-return valve, oxygen regulator, oxygen, oxygen, filters and other products.

Oxygen is different from the ordinary ball valve ball valve, bracket parts banned oil visible glass design is design, switch to a regular ball-valve 90-degree rotation to switch roles. products are made of high quality copper or stainless steel.

Oxygen to different parts of the globe valve and common valve bracket parts, glass design, glass oil note names on the forbidden words. Unlike the ordinary globe valves, is this product not high pressure valve.

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