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Subsea valve works

Ningbo Fenfa Valve Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 14, 2016

Seabed structure of valve with single acting cylinders, compressed air driven piston rod out of the way. Top of piston in spring, open, medium pass, after work, closed source,

Columns depend on the spring replacement seal, close the valve.

Subsea valve called end of built-in security flow valves, emergency cut-off valve, is mounted on a metal tank of liquid dangerous goods vehicles loading dock of the pressure tank safety valve. The

Tank valve close to the roots, and not make it to use in non-loading and unloading in a closed state. In order to ensure the valves have good work capabilities, what conditions must be met:

1. bottom valve when system pressure gas source must be >0.4MPA.

2. the piston in the valve body and the need to ensure high degree of sealing.

3. the springs have enough tension reset.

When the bottom valve installed on the car, and tank should be balanced. Inlet flange gasket and tank connections are provided by the factory of Cork pad, be careful not to damage. Install gas

Sources should protect the pneumatic hose connector.

Bottom valve in the factory have been debugging, installed ready for use, and should not be disassembled.

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