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Dome valve structure

Ningbo Fenfa Valve Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 14, 2016

Dome valve using a special seal structure, sealed Chamber at atmospheric pressure under the State seal and dome are not contacted after pressure valve sealing effect. Use elastic rubber seal ring materials, embedded installed on the dome valve body, sealed air through a cylindrical hole about 5mm received the sealed Chamber. Spool with spherical Dome, the contact surfaces of the valve body and valve core into the sphere, in conjunction with the 1mm gap. Spool fixed to the shaft and the crank connection by connecting to the actuator on the crank to achieve the dome valve switch. Dome valve need close Shi, spherical dome first up rotating to and material mouth center vertical of location, with pressure sealed gas filling to sealed cavity within, sealed circle by pressure expansion, and dome close contact, achieved sealed close; dome valve need open Shi, first to put sealed cavity within of with pressure gas emissions to atmosphere, sealed cavity relief pressure into atmospheric, sealed circle natural contraction, and dome of tie at appeared about 1mm of sealed clearance, crank led dome rotating 90 °, valve open.

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