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Dome valve characteristics

Ningbo Fenfa Valve Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 14, 2016

In site using Shi, spray blow tank to first relief pressure for atmospheric, dome valve upper and lower no pressure poor Shi only can open, or valve action Shi, coal powder in pressure poor of led Xia fast scour sealed circle and dome valve core, will accelerated valve wear; sealed cavity filling pressure pressure for 1.6MPa, is greater than spray blow tank maximum work pressure 1.04MPa, or filling pressure Hou sealed circle cannot completely expansion, up not to sealed effect, led to sealed circle and dome Zhijian produced clearance and coal powder leak.

Dome valve used in gas-solid two-phase Jet or on the conveyor pipes and tanks to achieve cutting features on or off. Dome valve sealed cavity atmospheric Shi, dome valve core and valve body, and sealed circle not contact, dome valve of switch action not on all parts produced wear [1]; sealed cavity filling pressure Hou, sealed circle expansion achieved sealed, residues in dome Shang of powder material was extrusion in sealed spherical within, prevent flow Shi on sealed circle and valve body of wear; dome valve of sealed circle embedded installation in valve body Shang, is only and dome valve core contact of parts, even appeared wear, also easy disassembly maintenance [2] ; Seal contact surface and the dome appears in the long-term production of minor wear, but after the seal chamber pressure, generated by Auto-compensation expansion seal wear, so the wear limit of the dome valve are much bigger than any other type of valve, seal better and longer service life.

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